Movies I Want To See

So I decided there was a load of movies that I’ve never seen, and that I should. I also decided there was a load of movies I think I’ve never seen, but in fact have. There’s also a load of movies I’d love to see again, but I keep forgetting about them.

To the rescue, the ever wonderful – Remember The Milk. I made a list of all the movies I’d like to see – either because I’ve never seen them, think I’ve never seen them, or just fancied watching them again. Some of them are obscure weird ones my brother-in-law suggested. Some of them are weird ones I suggested. And some of them are so awful they’re good.

I’ll let you decide which are which. Oh, and there are probably duplicates. There’s a reason I use Remember The Milk!

Here’s a feed from the Remember The Milk tasklist I made. For more listy goodness, you can visit the full page.

(if you have any of these movies on DVD, and have physical access to the Hippy, he’d be grateful of the loan – just not all at once, ok?)

Hippyjim’s Tasks – Movies:

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